The Cudoku app for your Android phone isn’t your typical game of Sudoku. In this version, the logic-based puzzles are solved using colors instead of numbers.

In the traditional game of Sudoku, the user tends to possess a degree of certainty about how the game works. If you’re a user who knows what you’re doing, you’ll eventually figure out the puzzle, regardless of how difficult the puzzle is, because the rules never change. However, in Cudoku, the rules are unclear. There are also multiple ways that a Cudoku puzzle can be solved, instead of just one.

The game’s design interface isn’t much to look at, but it is very customizable. Users have the option of selecting the size of the board and the number of colors used during the game. However, the more involved the game becomes, with the addition of more rows and colors, the more cluttered the design starts to look.

This app won’t keep anyone engaged for more than an hour, but it’s great if you have 10 minutes to fill. In the vast pool of Sudoku-style apps on the market, it’s unlikely this one will stand out as a favorite.