Tower defense, free runner, shoot em’ up and of course, puzzle games. These genres dominate every single mobile storefront that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sift through and find something unique and innovative. While Cryptica by Pixibots doesn’t set the puzzle genre on fire, its original gameplay is sure to please puzzle gamers everywhere.

Cryptica’s gameplay is simple yet incredibly challenging. Given a number of tiles players are tasked with matching these block to corresponding areas. Simple right? Well, for a few levels at least. As you quickly progress through the game, the difficulty follows suit. In no time you’ll find yourself hitting that retry button repeatedly each level.

Though it is a puzzle game, Cryptica does not skimp out on presentation. Its use of Aztec-like design goes beyond gameplay and is implemented across menus, fonts and music. It’s all jungle-inspired and projects the feeling of exploration.

The major aspect that will stump gamers are the tiles. As you slide a block left or right, others do the same. As you move the tiles to solve the the puzzle, you’ll find that with proper manipulating you can block the other’s path. Of course the trick here is to rearrange them so they fit in the appropriate tiles. It’s rather simple at first but gets difficult as you go on to the later levels.

Content wise, Cryptica should satisfy those looking for a challenging puzzle game. There are 120 levels within the game with four varying levels of difficulty. In theory, that would be around 460 if you’re looking to start on the lowest difficulty.

If you’re looking for an engrossing puzzle game, you may want to add Cryptica to your library. While it doesn’t add much to the genre, it’s a shining example how a great puzzle game should be made.