Stand alone social networks like Facebook and Twitter are dominating social ecosystem but they don’t create engagement within other apps. Crowd’s Feed wants to solve that by providing any app a mini-social network capability.

Upon installing the app, an icon is added as a floating layer above the other apps installed on the device. Tapping the icon, a news feed screen opens which presents posts of users who also tapped the icon from the same app, creating unique news feed screen for every app.

In a typical use scenario, users open their screen to find their favorite cooking app for example. They use the app as they normally do but instead of leaving the app and move on, they tap Crowd’s Feed floating icon hovering above the screen. They’re taken to a news feed screen which is unique to the original cooking app they came from, where other cooking buffs have posted about their latest masterpiece, share comments, photos and videos. They can jump into the conversation and share their own cooking posts.

The floating icon is easily found on the screen whenever users are looking to get access to Crowd’s Feed. In addition, changing the icon position or defining which apps will be showing the icon and which not, can be done by changing the icon settings.


As this is a new platform most of the apps we checked out still presented Crowd’s Feed welcoming post and didn’t have any user generated content yet. Assuming that it will gain traction over time Crowd’s Feed has the potential to shift users’ behavior from consuming apps content passively to actively engaging with the content and with other users with similar interests. Any sport fan can become a commentator by sharing photos, videos and observations from sport events covered by his favorite sports apps. Gamers can share scores, tips and screenshots of their games. News, hobbies, education and lifestyle are just the top of the list of many relevant verticals for this platform now available for Android.