Crazy Climber (Free)

Thankfully, this game from ICLOUDZONE about climbing up the side of a building does not deal with the consequences of screwing up, and so there will be no emotional trauma from falling 70 floors off the side of a skyscraper to your bloody death. Crazy Climber is a family friendly game, an endless runner with a twist. You go up and up and and try to collect coins while also avoiding those places where the gaps between handholds are too large for your incredible jumping skills. Also, sometimes you’ll encounter open windows, and trying to jump through an open window is not a smart idea. Don’t try that. You will fail. That’s about the entire game, but it’s very fun, though if you last long enough that objects fall on your head, you may get angry. I know I did…

Repulze ($2.99)

Have you ever played a Wipeout game on a PlayStation system? If so, you’ll find a very familiar experience here. If you haven’t, I guess I should explain what’s going on. Repulze is a racing game where you drive a car/hovercraft, and you go really fast through courses that don’t look particularly safe to drive. They twist, turn and loop. You must maintain control through it all even as you try to hit gates that give you booster fuel. As with most Android racing games, Repulze cars accelerate automatically, but they lack a key safety feature: brakes. You also get a number of control schemes to choose from, and you’ll likely need to try them all before settling on one.

Into The Dead (Free)

Into the Dead is just another zombie game, and just another endless runner. But it’s different than the staples of either of those game genres. Here, you are playing from the first-person perspective, and you are running through a field. In front of you, there are zombies. In general, you’re just trying to avoid the zombies, rather than killing them all, though you can kill some of them, because you’ll pick up weapons while you run (or you can buy the privilege of starting with a gun from the cash shop). But it goes on and on, and there will always be zombies in front of you, and since you can’t stop running you will eventually run over one of them and get eaten. This game is really just a metaphor for all zombie stories. You can run and run and run, but they’ll get you in the end because there are more of then than there are of you. And they’ll never say sorry.

Ice Rage ($0.99)

Though we’re in spring now, we’re still doing hockey, and boy is it about time we had some solid mobile hockey action this year? Well, we have some now, in the form of Ice Rage from HeroCraft, which is a two-on-two ice hockey experience. You’ve got your goalies, and you’ve got two dudes fighting over the puck on a rather small rink. Controls are simple – you steer your dude with one thumb, and you shoot the puck (hopefully at the opponent’s goal) with the other. Since there’s no aiming stick, you can only shoot in the direction your dude is facing, which is a real challenge. You can play against the computer, but that gets old. You’ll want to take Ice Rage online to face some legit human foes who might actually be able to beat you.