The fashionista of the 21st century expects an app which does not only let you dress and mold a virtual stranger to your liking. She wants more. She wants an app where she can create an alter ego of herself and dress her in actual clothes of actual designers. And all of this is made possible by Covet Fashion, the name of the app already hitting home. After all, fashion is essential as the air that we breathe for the fashionistas of the world.

And this game lets you not only follow the current trends but set them yourself. You can try on the designs of many brands on your fashion alter ego and if you like them? Buying them is just one click away. You can join events for special prices where the dress code is always very strict. You can make your wildest fashion dreams come true in this game where your creativity pays off.

Ever wondered what you would wear for the Met Ball? Here, you can outshine even Beyoncé herself. Or you might have a hot date with a billionaire on his extravagant yacht? Here there is no such problem as having nothing to wear. Your daily allowance lets you choose the right outfit, but if you ever run out of money, just join more events in order to receive some. Collect diamonds and cash in order to buy the sought-after dress. Or there is always in-app purchase if you run out of them.

And if you are ever unsure about what to wear, you can join one of the fashion houses, where other more experienced players will gladly help you pick out the right outfit. If you become friends, they might even let you borrow one of their designer pieces. Of course, they might ask a favor sometimes in the future.

Do not be afraid that you will soon get bored with the game, since as a recent innovation, the developers of the game ask famous celebrity fashionistas of the world to host the game for a month. Are you envious of their styles? Well, now you have the chance to dress them for these special events. The game has already been hosted by names such as Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev or Emma Roberts, with fans eager to find out which star is going to be their next Barbie doll.

You just need to download the app and let your creative juices flowing. Oh, and be careful about your outfit choices, because your audience will be the global community of the game, who themselves join events, and will not be afraid of judging you! Sometimes even harsher than in real life. But then you must pose the question to yourself: are you a follower or a trend setter?