There seems to be some confusion around the upcoming launch of an Android version of the popular game Cut the Rope. After a fake version made a brief but wayward stint in the Android Market last year, the popular iPhone game has yet to make an Android debut. Already ripened with last year’s scam, Cut the Rope finally prepares an Android launch at a time when Android games are being favored by malware attackers. Red flags are raised, but Cut the Rope just may make its way to Android phones by the end of the week.

A new Twitter account by the name of CTRAndroid is tweeting regular clues about the upcoming launch of Cut the Rope, though the tweets are not being sent out by Zepto Labs, the developers behind the original game. A promo sent out by CTRAndroid hints that the game will be available somewhere on Friday, indicating that it may not be in the Android Market at all. Is this an opportunity for another Amazon Appstore game launch? Perhaps. The third-party marketplace has well established itself as an alternative to Google’s own Android Market, particularly for marketing campaigns that usher in new titles.

Rovio, G5 Entertainment seek extended mobile success

Angry Birds was one of those popular games that took full advantage of Amazon’s need to be competitive with the Android Market, though Rovio’s golden egg seems to find success wherever it goes. Its widespread appeal has extended the brand beyond games, to include books and stuffed animals. But the game remains central to Angry Birds’ success. Game updates and sequels have kept gamers coming back for more challenges and rewards, the latest intended to be a summer blockbuster. Rovio released the game trailer for the upcoming version, called Summer Pignic. It looks like it will be just as fun as the other editions, with rumors of a July 4th release date keeping anticipation high.

Another major developer, G5 Entertainment, is also looking to expand through Android’s platform, planning its first game launch for June 30th. You can expect five of its titles to be in the Android Market, in fact, including Mahjong Artifacts and its sequel. The rest of the titles are casual time-management games, which are also growing in popularity amongst Android players. Each title has already seen a good deal of success with PC and iOS versions, so an Android launch will truly extend their mobile reach.