CompareEverywhere is an app that allows you to search for a specific product directly from your Android phone. There are two different ways to search for a product with this app. You can either use the camera to scan the barcode of the item you want to find more information on or search for it by name.

Scanning the barcode of the product is very interesting. It doesn’t require you to take a picture at all. Instead, it focuses on the barcode until it can read it and then searches its database for it. The database of barcodes that this app recognizes is continuously expanding, but at this point it doesn’t have everything in it.

In the search feature, you can just enter in what you’re looking for and it will pull it up. All the items you’ve found can be added to your list. In the list area, you’ll find information about the item, local stores with the price listed, and online stores with the price listed. This makes finding the best price pretty easy.

If you do a lot of shopping and you’re interested in finding the best price in your area or online, definitely download this app. The listing feature will definitely come in handy with this upcoming holiday season.