Who Becomes Rich (Trivia Quiz) (Free)

This game is the unofficial version of the newer game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? This game is actively being developed. As with the game show you are presented with a set of questions. There are four answers. You need to choose the correct answer to get the money and move on. If you get stuck you have three options. The first is 50/50 where you get a question with two possible answers. There is a lifeline option where a “friend” appears and provides you with an answer. Finally there is the pass option. The game maintains your high score so you can see how much money you won.

The Price Is Right Slots (Free)

This is the official game of the game show The Price is Right. You have the lights, the music, the sound bites – awesome! The premise of the game is you need to look at these old tapes from different years, and help them identify them. Well the next thing you know is that you are the next contestant on The Price is Right for that year. Like the show you need to get the correct bid, without going over, to move onto the next stage. If you do not guess correctly you will have a few more chances. Once on the stage you can play Plinko, the Big Wheel, just to name a few, and then finally the Showcase. If you win, you can continue to another year, and play some more. Once you finish a year, it is put in the archives, so you can play it again.

The game has a multiplayer option where you can choose up to three other avatars for friends to play against/with you on the same device. The game has a few nice options such as choosing your avatar and resetting your game data. The music and sounds can be turned off if you like, but they are what really make the game fun. The game does a nice job explaining the rules and you can quickly skip any part you want. So do you know the price of a 1997 Ford Explorer?

Jeopardy! ($1.99)

This is the official game for Jeopardy!, so you get all of the sounds and music from the real game show. When you first start you will need to sign your name card, just like the real show, pick the game type and difficulty, then it is off to the stage. You will be competing against two others and have to provide the answer to questions in six different categories. In this game, when you decide to respond you will have a number of answers to choose from.

During the question and answer portion of the game, there is no sound or music, but the signature beep is there when time runs out. Each game has three rounds and the object is to answer the questions correctly and earn the most money. The game has four difficulty settings and you can also chose to play against your friends on the same device. The game use OpenFeint for online leader boards and achievements. You can look up your career statistics and reset them if you wish. Finally you can customize the look of your avatar. The game has cool little feature that will help you find the local broadcast of Jeopardy! based on your zip code.

Wheel of Fortune ($2.99)

This is the official game for Wheel of Fortune. It was developed by the same company that produced the Jeopardy! game, so the set up is very much the same. In the options area, you can customize your avatar and check out the leader board and/or career stats. You can share you info and find the local broadcast of the show. You can play against the computer or with friend(s) on the same device.

In this game you compete against two other players to guess the word first. You spin the wheel, to see how much money you will earn for the correct letter guessed. There are 1,800 puzzles in the game. Just like the real game show, there are several rounds to each game, and you need to figure out the puzzle to keep moving on. The graphics are well done in the game and is enjoyable. I liked the show when Chuck Woolery was the host.