Your time’s too valuable. To communicate via multiple programs and windows is not only impractical, it probably will cause a headache. If you’re on multiple sites, you should try downloading Trillian.

Are you on Facebook chat, Gchat and AOL instant messenger all the time? Trillian is a program that consolidates all of these programs into a single application, minimizing your conversations to one window, and allowing you to take them on the go.

The app is so great because it covers all of the popularly-used instant messenger programs and a whole lot more, including some that I’ve never even heard of before.

The app isn’t just extremely convenient and easy to use, it’s also quite pretty to look at. Trillian has a very classic, yet sophisticated, design — quite surprising, considering that the image in my head was that it was a kind of Frankenstein monster made of instant messaging programs. The app keeps all of your currently active chats up toward the top of the screen, this way, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. The app also keeps things really organized by placing all chats under clickable tabs.

As far as I can see, the app appears to work flawlessly, without any noticeable hiccups.

Perhaps Trillian’s neatest, most-useful feature is its cloud synchronization, which syncs up all of your conversations to your desktop. This way, when you’re no longer out and about, you can jump back into your conversation without skipping a beat.

I would have to say that this is probably one of the most valuable apps available in the Android Market.