Coloring Page Templates

Since its release, the applications has been continually updated with new page templates for users to color in. To date, there are over 400 pages in the application for users to choose from and color in. While it would be easy for an application of this nature to suffer from “template clutter”, Lotogram has intelligently kept things organized by making sure to keep the templates organized into different categories.

While users are free to pick a template a random, they may choose to first filter their pool of options into a more focused category, such as “Floral” pictures or “Mandala” pictures. Because a number of the templates have qualities that make them applicable to more than one categorical classification, there is a bit of overlap between the different template categories that users can choose between.

Custom Image Scanning

Lotogram has increased the lifetime value of the app by expanding the options for pictures to color beyond the templates offered on its platform alone. In addition to coloring in the preset templates, users are also given the option of scanning and uploading their own pictures as they please.

Naturally, in order to make the most use of the scanning feature, the custom image must have enough clarity and contrast between the negative space and lineart in order to be properly usable in the application. Users who have access to a decent scanning machine will be more capable of getting the most out of the custom image scanning feature than those who simply take pictures with a mobile device.

Pixel Grid Mode

Aside from the default image templates and custom image scanning feature, users may also complete pieces with grid-based pixel coloring templates as well. In the grid template, the uncolored image is segmented into an freely adjustable arrangement of squares that can be worked on as individual units. In grid pixel mode, large-scale images of emojis can be perfectly reproduced in whatever color palette that the user chooses.

Practicality and Creative Fulfillment

While the application may not serve a strictly practical purpose to those who aren’t professionally-employed artists, its usefulness could be argued as being beyond that of strictly commission-based work. Users have reported that the coloring app gives them a convenient creative outlet that provides a satisfying amount of stress relief.

freedom to instantly switch colors and undo mistakes with a single finger

While the experience of coloring with the app cannot be directly compared to the traditional method, the freedom to instantly switch colors and undo mistakes with a single finger stroke can be much more convenient than relying entirely on physical art tools in a traditional medium.

While the Colory’s default features can be accessed for free, the app’s pool of templates can be expanded through in-app purchases; these purchases elevate the application into “Colory Prime”. In total, there are three different tiers of Colory Prime updates that users can choose to upgrade the app’s features. From the lowest price to the highest, the three upgrade purchases are $2.99, $7.99, and $39.99 respectively.