Remember those feelings you used to get from playing your favorite classic games?

BreakFall was created to bring back those feelings and many more new ones. It combines the nostalgic look and feel of a retro platform game with the complexity of a puzzle game.

The objective of the game is to complete each new level by collecting all of the treasure objects that will open the level’s exit door. Gathering the treasures can sometimes be rather easy to figure out, however there are some others that are placed in locations that will force the player to use a creative strategy to obtain them without being killed by creatures and other dangerous obstacles.

Controlling the main character is very intuitive as the game controllers are very familiar to those of us in the gaming community. Some of the more challenging areas of the really difficult levels require a good deal of skill and timing.

The game has subtle clues that help provide hints as to how a level can be solved and the experience learned from previous levels helps to understand the game architects logic to also aid in solving the new levels.


Although there is limited number of ladder cases per level, the player is given an unlimited number of ammunition to shoot creatures and other explosive objects. The explosions weren’t just simply added for the thrill of blowing things up, they are also an integral part of the tactics the player must employ in order to make new openings in walls and destroy deadly monsters.

This app is recommended for those who are not keen on spectacular graphics and action-packed gameplay.