AirAttack HD Lite

When a game wins an award, its takes a lot of the risk out of giving it a try. If the game is also free like this one, downloading it is a no-brainer. So, fire up the Market and get the award-winning formerly only iPhone game AirAttack HD. This air combat game is “stop down” meaning your vantage point looks down on the action from the heavens. Take out bridges and roads on the ground and enemy fighters in the sky with real time physics. Enjoy the killer graphics, orchestral sound and eye-popping effects.

Mortal Skies 2

The end of WWII defined drama. The world’s superpowers duked it out to determine the fate of all humankind. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the action.You’re a fighter pilot in 1944. There are nine different missions that take you over seven types of terrain from snow to canyons. Earn gold, silver, and bronze cups depending on how many enemy planes and installations you take out. Reach the highest levels to unlock new planes and missions. Killer graphics help make this title stand out.

Abyss Attack

Abyss Attack is a beautiful shooter game. You pilot a deep-sea fighter craft through a dark ocean chasm, while amazing creatures try to kill you. Pick up missiles, weapon upgrades, and health power-ups, as you move. The game uses the accelerometer to move and you fire the weapons by tapping the screen.Try the free demo and you’ll be hooked. The thrilling graphics and imaginative creatures alone are worth the download.

Guerrilla Bob

What to be a solider of fortune? Try stepping into Guerrilla Bob’s shoes for a few minutes. It’s an adrenaline rush all right, but you’ll leave a lot of bodies in your wake.Guerrilla Bob is a 3D shooter with great graphics, wild characters, and loads of mayhem. Stroll down the dirt lanes of developing countries, deserts, and other places lacking effective gun control, killing the enemy before they kill you.Collect the money that the dead bodies leave to upgrade your weapons in the store. Choose among machine guns, Molotov cocktail, flame throwers, chain gun, double Uzis, and many more.

Space War Free

A great space shooter throwback is Space War Free, replicating the best of the ’80s-era games. The free game pits you against enemy ships, asteroids and other obstacles. Fight your way to the final battle, which maintains the classic arcade motif (you fight a big ship).

Wild West Sheriff

You’re the sheriff of an old west town. The bad guys are numerous and they’re running lose on the prairie. Your only hope of keeping order is to shoot them down with your rifle.Tilt your Android to move the sites of your rifle then tap your phone to shoot. Save the women before they get carried off, but be careful because your stray shots could take them out.

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force is another shooter game, this one taking place in the air. Fly over enemies, blasting them to pieces. The Android game has the look and feel of your favorite shooters, with level-saving, a full soundtrack and retro special effects.

Jane Wild

Jane Wilde from Level Bit is a silly and indulgent side scrolling action game that revels in its own absurdity and is just a blast to play. As the no nonsense sheriff Jane Wilde, it’s up to you to stop the evil undead hordes, which include zombie vampires, undead dogs, beefy skeletons, plus tons of other strange monsters and boss enemies. Gameplay harkens back to the Zombieville USA style of side-scrolling shooting, though a bit more fast paced, with fewer guns, but more upgrades and power-ups.

Each level ends with a gun shop safe house of sorts, no matter where you are in the world or how little sense it would make for a gun shop to be there. It’s there that you purchase ammo, unlock power-ups to be dropped in game, or upgrade your guns. You’ll get a lot of extra spending money if you can string together huge killing spree combos. It is possible to run out of ammo mid level and end up as a zombie vampire’s dinner, so make sure to stock up before each mission.


EPOCH from Uppercut Games is one of those rare titles that makes cover-based shooting unique and interesting again, through innovative design and a simple but fairly awesome story. It’s a great looking game, with a lot of nuance to its combat. Unfortunately, that combat takes a while to rev up, and might bore people at first, but if you stick with it, you’ll find this to be one of the most gratifying gaming experiences on mobile.

You are Epoch, a guardian class robot tasked with protecting a princess. Apparently though, you’re a lousy guardian and have been sleeping on the job, because you’re randomly reactivated in the middle of a war torn post-apocalyptic city environment with loads of other robots that are totally being jerks and trying to kill you. Your only goal is to find out what happened to the princess. It’s a tale as old as time with an I, Robot twist, and I like that. The more detailed bits of story are told through intercepted emails, texts, and broadcasts from before all this happened, letting you piece things together from different perspectives.

The intuitive swipe combat is based entirely on avoidance and timing. The cover is the main mechanic here, while shooting is second hand. You only tap on enemies to auto target and fire upon them, but you’ll have to roll and leap between cover points to avoid their fire. Soon, enemies are lobbing grenades behind your cover, or slicing through it with lasers, or straight up ignoring it with massive charged blasts, and things get a bit more complicated.

After each shooting gallery style level, you’ll be rewarded with salvaged gear, cash, story transmissions, and experience. The gear includes different weapon types, such as corrosive ‘damage over time’ guns, different grenade types, like stun grenades, plus various special attacks that act like spells with your basic cool-downs. These include different grenade types, missile barrages, and more unique powers like bullet time slow motion or healing. There are tons of weapon and armor choices in the scrapyard, and different load outs make for a very different feeling game.

Syder Arcade HD

Syder Arcade HD is the debut Android title of developer Studio Evil, which is an awesome studio name in my opinion. It’s a simple arcade shoot-em up with a focus on slick HD visuals and an excellent electronic soundtrack as you blast away waves and waves of enemies. It’s a bit of a short game, but it’s also really
quite challenging, and the difficulty more than pads out the content to be worth the asking price, if you like a challenge.

Through six campaign levels and a survival mode, you can take one of three ships out into the galactic battles that await you. Each ship has a different weapon load-out and focus, from the usual all around ship, to the highly armored defensive one, and the extremely frail but powerful one. Each has a different primary weapon, plus special weapon which you charge by killing bogies and pulling off combos. Enemies will also drop upgrades and power-ups, some of which permanently enhance your ship, until you run out of lives, anyway.