Sudoku Mania

Sudoku Mania is 15 different logic-based combination puzzles on your Android phone. Choose your level of difficulty, either easy, medium or hard and decide if you’d like to play with hints during gameplay. If you make an invalid move, your phone will shake.

Farm Tower

After a horde of hungry wolves came after a group of animals, they fled for their lives to the top of some very high towers. But, now that the furry beasts are gone, the animals can’t seem to find their way back down. This is where you come in. You must help each animal to safely make their return to solid ground. To make this happen, destroy the blocks that make up the Farm Towers being extra careful to not let the animals fall.

Alchemy ~ Genetics

This sequel to the popular game Alchemy focuses on animals. In the original, you combined elements (like Fire, Water, Earth) to create new objects. The addictive game provided hours of inventive fun.This game promises to keep your mind spinning on your quest to create new creatures and species. Drag and drop one animal onto another to see what you get.


Like puzzles? Plumber shows you a big screen of disconnected pipes. You need to connect the pipe together to make the water flow from one end of the screen to the other. Reviews so far claim that Plumber is addictive fun.

X Construction

Like building stuff? LEGOs and other block-building games exercise the mind but what if peoples’ lives depended on what you built? That’s the premise of X Construction where you must build bridges that a train can cross safely without a bridge collapse and train wreck.Using steel girders, you need to construct bridges over simple grass pits then more complicated valleys and the most challenging chasms. The physics are meant to be real so if your bridge can’t take the weight of the train, the whole thing will come crashing down.

Fish Fillets

Like Sokoban puzzle games? This one has a twist.You control two clever fish and you must guide them out of the maze. Each fish has a special skill and you’ll need to exploit their talents to make it past the obstacles in your way. Cool graphics, animations, and background music will keep you awake as you puzzle your way to success.


The four Pigs of Doom have been accidentally unleashed on the world before their proper time. The pigs — Hunger, War, Pest, and Death — must join forces and use their supernatural powers to save the world. Guide the pigs through challenging levels — overcoming obstacles, gathering keys, solving puzzles. The fun comes through the great graphics and gameplay. You’ll need to combine the pigs’ powers to level up.

Box It! 2

You’re a handsome adventurer in the jungle trying to unlock the mysteries of the Inca. Solve your way through maze after maze as you move deeper into the lost city of the Inca on your path toward truth. Ancient statues block your way, so you must slide them out of the way in order to proceed. Sounds easy, but it’s not. Your ultimate goal is a mine beneath the lost city’s ruins that legend says holds a trove of gold and jewels.


Don’t hide our light under a bushel. Let it shine.Guide a laser light through a maze by using mirrors, prisms, and other tools. You’ll find over 120 levels ranging from easy to hard, a series of different mazes to keep you challenged, and easy to use controls. Create a rainbow of color using the tools to solve the maze or go for the most points by using the smallest number of connectors.

100 Doors 2

Escape from a series of 100 rooms by solving puzzles to open doors in 100 Doors 2. Puzzler 100 Doors found popularity in the Google Play Store by providing users with tons of room escape puzzles. Each room requires players to find a way to open the door to the exit, and each is unique; in order to find the solution, you’ll need to leverage your Android device’s capabilities, doing things like shaking your device, tilting it, inverting it and more to unlock hidden secrets. You’ll also need to carefully check each scene for items you can take and use to solve puzzles. The best part of 100 Doors 2 is that it’s always being updated with more rooms.