PAC-MAN is one of the most-recognized arcade games, and the Namco version made for Android doesn’t disappoint. Race your Pacman through the bright blue maze, chomping up food, and avoiding enemy ghosts. This official version is free with in-app purchases, bringing you countless hours of fun.


Jack Black once voiced a panda who was obsessed with martial arts. In this game, however, you’re a panda who happens to be exceptionally gifted with a bow and arrow. Use these superb archery skills to punish a gang of evil bandits and to liberate villages in order to win the game.

Treasure Chaser Free

No matter how old or young you are, there’s something undeniably exciting and romantic about those classic adventure tales of swashbuckling pirates and buried treasure. Live your own kind of fast-paced blockbuster thrill ride in the game of Treasure Chaser Free.Collect all of the stuff that will make you rich, but don’t get captured by your enemies. You can give ’em the old slip trick, though, by using bombs to trap and defeat them. This is an old-school style 2D game that’s very similar to the game Lode Runner. Treasure Chaser Free currently has 30 full levels.


Ninjas are known for being stealthy soldiers, spies and assassins. Folklore and pop culture depicts them as being practically invisible, moving and climbing swiftly though the shadows. In this fast-paced game, you must use your Spiderman-like ninja skills to climb up the sides of buildings and other city scapes, trying to get up as high as you can. But, keep on the look out as you have a lot of enemies out there. You must defend yourself against the killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars and exploding bombs that will meet you along the way. Make one little mistake and you’re a goner.

MiniSquadron Special Edition

Watch the skies! An epic dogfight rages overhead. You pilot a merry mini-squadron of planes to victory by using your maneuvering and shooting skills. This 1.0 version of the game includes eight levels, fifty planes to unlock, fireballs, jellyfish, hamsters, and penguins. Share your scores over OpenFeint.

Glow Hockey

Air Hockey meets TRON in this colorful action-packed Android game. Glowing pucks, paddles, and bumpers make the traditional game come alive. Switch boards with different lighting effects. Play against someone else or just play against your phone. Keep focused ’cause the light show may distract you from the shots on your goal.


No backstory. No cute characters. Just all out gaming. You have two virtual joysticks — one for steering and one for shooting — that you can move about the screen before you start.Choose among several games modes, though most involve maneuvering around a Tron-like rectangular light board picking up cubes for power-ups and dodging all manner of shapes that will destroy you. The action gets frantic fast, so this one is not for the timid.


Take time out from your busy day to battle orcs, trolls, vampires and dragons in a dark, magical dungeon. Oubliette bills itself as the thinking person’s fantasy role-playing game. Plan your strategy and gather a posse of like-minded magi, priests, and thieves to explore the depths of the castle.Rather than relying on quick finger reflexes, the outcome of this game depends on your ability to think on your felt-booted feet.

They Need to be Fed

The monsters have to be fed. You’ll need to jump from planet to planet to gather all the food you’ll need. Fortunately the planets have 360 degrees of gravity so you won’t fall off unless you jump to another planet. Enjoy the physics and the 25 challenging levels. Colorful graphics and a lively soundtrack will keep you hunting. Watch for ways to unlock the special X world on each level.

Super Drill Panic

Run, run, run! Guide the adventurer through the maze of ledges while picking up coins, stealing treasure, and upgrading his gear. The reason for sprinting? A massive boulder is rolling downward, crushing everything in its path.Challenges increase with each new level and include falling blocks, lasers, razors, arrows, and walls blocking the way. Use OpenFeint to post your high scores and view the leaderboard.

Air Attack

Here’s another new version of an old arcade game. This time there’s no specific old reference. Many games worked this same way.You control a fighter jet and start with five precious lives. Enemy fighters are going head on for a dogfight. Getting hit by enemy fire or enemy planes themselves costs you a life. Move left and right to avoid the fighters ’cause if you get down to zero it’s game over, baby.Score points by shooting down the enemy before they reach you. You get more per kill in higher levels. But, keep in mind, upper levels mean the enemy planes fly faster too.

Ninja Dash

Ninjas can be heroes or villains. In this app, the ninja is a good guy on the run.You must navigate your ninja’s downward trek from platform to platform. Tilt your phone a little to make him run or a lot to make him sprint. Avoid the deadly katanas dropping from the sky, but catch the hearts for extra lives.The platforms themselves may be challenging with treadmills, spikes and other obstacles. To help overcome them, try stepping into the bubble shields floating past you.

Sinister Planet

I’ve already expressed my affection for the old classic arcade game Asteroids in previously. So, it will be no surprise that I’m lovin’ Sinister Planet. Imagine Asteroids re-booted for the 21st century — just like Daniel Craig did with James Bond or Johnny Depp did for Willy Wonka.You command a fighter spacecraft in deep space. Avoid or destroy beautiful blazing meteors and planets, then fight off over 20 waves of alien attackers. Shoot in 360 degrees of multitouch action, snatch power-ups, and battle for global high score.


Meganoid is a modern homage to the classic arcade games. You control a character whose greatest skill is jumping, a la Super Mario Bros, through a cityscape. This side-scroller features the simple graphics, 8-bit sound, and straightforward challenges of the original video games. On-screen controls feel a little like you’re using a game controller. OpenFeint lets you track your progress against others and provides a leaderboard for you to challenge yourself with.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Adult Swim is a post prime-time segment for adult-oriented animation on Cartoon Network. One show in the set is Robot Unicorn Attack. This app made a splash when it appeared in the iTunes App Store and it’s now just galloped onto the Android Market.You’re a, well, robot unicorn and you can leap and dash via touch controls on your phone screen. You’ve got a fairly treacherous landscape to cover but fortunately you leave a trail of rainbows when you take to the air. Bright white stars attempt to block your path so you must blast through them to ride to victory.

Death Worm

This popular iPhone game arrives on Android. How popular? How about 2 million downloads.Instead of the traditional hero, you control the really angry Death Worm. If you’re familiar with the classic sci-fi novel Dune, this is the same kind of non-garden variety worm — big as a train, razor sharp teeth, fast as a cheetah.Feel free to eat people and animals, attack cars and tanks, and jump for planes and helicopters. And, oh yeah, there are aliens too.

Froggy Jump

Some frogs have ambition. The star of this game wants to reach an alien planet so that it will be named after him. To do that, he’ll need to do some serious jumping and you can help.Jump upward from platform to platform by tilting your phone. Be careful to avoid spiky platforms as well as those that disappear, move, or bounce. On the plus side you’ll get some help from rockets, shields, lasers, magnets, helmets, and more cool gear but you’ll need all that and more to defeat the monsters trying to stop you. OpenFeint lets you compare your frog against your friend’s and an in-app store provides accessories and clothes to pimp your frog.