City Jump

There’s a scene in the 1992 Disney movie Aladdin, where he’s singing while running, jumping from building to building, and wearing disguises in order to escape the palace guards. The game of City Jump doesn’t take place in Agrabah Market or in any kind of story resembling Arabian Nights, but there’s something about this game that reminds me of Aladdin. Leap between buildings, avoid obstacles and take out your enemies. Tap the screen to jump from one side to the other and turn into an invincible Superman when you’re knocking down three enemies of the same kind. This game has been recently updated for improvements to the overall experience and also supports trackball use.

Mega Jump 2

Mega Jump 2 is a jumping game in which you propel yourself through the air and avoid falling to your death by collecting coins and power-ups. Some of these power-ups give you a boost, inflating you like a balloon or turning you into a coin magnet. The higher you fly, the more coins you collect and therefore the more points you earn. If you spend some time playing, you might even unlock some new characters. Just be sure to keep on the lookout for dangerous obstacles and enemies.

Gun Bros 2

The evil T.O.O.L. organization wants the precious Xplodium mineral for their sick weapons. Fortunately, the Gun brothers Francis and Percy are on the case. Shoot everyone in sight, power-up with more weapons and ammo, then shoot some more.


Feel the need for speed? Mr. I must get to a mysterious location quickly and you can help. This side-scrolling platformer asks you to feel the rhythm of running because keeping up a fast tempo is the best way to time the jumps and slides through its obstacles. Tap Jump once to leap and twice to double-jump, touch Slide to go under objects, but whatever you do keep moving.Collect the gifts to switch into Fever State where Mr. I dresses snazzier, runs faster, and achieves double scores.


A first-person game about jumping off sky scrapers, Aaaaa!!! has users dodging obstacles on the way down, while also interacting with spectators and tagging buildings with graffiti to score points. Using some great-looking 3-D graphics, Aaaaa!!! manages to convey the excitement and intensity of falling, while also encouraging players to do cool stuff as they plummet. You’ll need to dodge structures and obstacles as you go, scoring points along the way, and you’ll also be able to give fans a thumbs-up (and lewd gestures to protestors), perform stunts to increase your scores, and tag buildings with graffiti. Aaaa!!! includes 82 remastered levels from its PC version, and some 43 new jumps for players to perform. Fans of arcade-style games and titles that take a unique spin on gamplay mechanics and visuals will want to try this one.

They Need To Be Fed 3

They Need To Be Fed 3 for Android is a topsy-turvy adventure that will redefine the way you look at platformer games. While gravity is a constant in games where you must hop from one platform to another, in They Need To Be Fed, you can never fall to your death. The game exists in a 360-degree world, in which you can hang upside down from the bottom of one rotating platform, jump, and be magnetized to another ledge nearby. You might not ever fall, but you still have to look out for the black spikes, laser beams and other deadly traps that fill the level.
The object of the game is to direct a small black figure across the course of obstacles so you can feed a hungry monster somewhere on the opposite side. The concept is quite simple, but the actual gameplay takes some getting used to.
When you’re hanging upside down and leaping sideways, your controls aren’t always “tap the left arrow to go left.” You have to do the opposite to go in the correct direction, and it’s really easy to become disoriented.
The game is set up in such a way, though, that the challenge is gradual, so you have lots of practice before things get too difficult. At the same time, though, the properties of individual platforms will change, and new obstacles will be introduced, just to keep you on your toes and interested in the game.

As you play, your goal is to collect diamonds, which are used to unlock new levels. As you might expect, with each new level, things become even more challenging. My only complaint with this game is that there are only seven levels, which I breezed right through. This was such a fun and quirky game, I wanted more.
They Need To Be Fed has a great graphic design, precise controls and puts a creative new take on an old genre. It’s worth checking out, even if you’re not especially fond of this type of game.


PewPew is fast-paced space shooter. With duel on-screen joysticks you control firing and moving of your ship. The game has five different modes: Pandemonium, Dodge This, Asteroids, Assault, and Chromatic Conflict, each has its own challenges. There are three different types of ships you can fly, but you need to unlock them by winning medals in the game. The game has local and global statistics. If you wish to participate in the global stats, you can upload them within the game.


Fans of bacon, Angry Birds and even Plants vs. Zombies will find something to love in Aporkalypse, an app that successfully combines elements of puzzlers, strategy games and arcade action in one pig-tastic package for Droid owners.

Unfortunately for our porcine protagonists, the gates of heaven and hell have opened prematurely, blowing a hole in an ancient prophecy that the Four Pigs of Doom were to foretell the end of existence. Now it’s up to Hunger Pig, War Pig, Pest Pig and Death Pig (yes, pigs, not horses!) to team up to stop the end of times from coming to pass.
Each pig brings his own set of unique skills to each puzzle level. Hunger can suck in objects like Kirby, and drop them in other locations or on switches to trigger things like bridges. Pest Pig can pass gas that stuns enemies, and turns them over to your control, while War Pig is all about firing ordnance at far-away targets so they go BOOM. Finally, Death Pig can transform into a ghost to get past crazy traps or even ride on clouds.

You’ll need to guide the pigs across the puzzlescapes, using their abilities to get past challenges, traps and other hazards, all the while picking up coins. With its razor-sharp graphics, silly soundtrack and sometimes tricky controls, most players will enjoy helping the pigs avoid the Aporkalypse. Still, after a few levels, you might find the overall experience becomes a little bland.

Bombshells: Hell’s Belles

This game from Glu Mobile features loads of fast-paced aerial combat with speedy planes and sexy pilots. You’ll plunge straight into the action with cool environments, tricky enemies and plenty of outlandish weapons. There are over 200 awesome planes, cannons, and missile launchers to try out so you can fine-tune your arsenal to dominate the skies. Even better, you can battle your friends online in the multiplayer Arena Deathmatch mode. Bombshells should appeal to both fans of fast-paced arcade games in general and other plane-based shooters like AirAttack and MiniSquadron!

Clash of Puppets

Slash, hack and shoot your way through crazy battles, and leap across tons of platforms in top-down action-adventure title Clash of Puppets. You’ll get a mix of genres and gameplay experiences out of Clash of Puppets. In many ways, it’s like a top-down hack-and-slash title, and you’ll wield guns, axes, swords and other weaponry in 3-D battles against lots of enemies. In other ways, it’s a platforming game, in which you’ll need to jump over pits, avoid traps, and use expert timing to keep yourself alive. Clash of Puppets takes its inspiration from B-movies, but looks to inspire a console-game feel with its cartoonish, full-fledged graphics and tight controls. The game features three big worlds and an endless challenge mode, and packs online leaderboards you can use to challenge your friends. Fans of platformers, hack-and-slash, and action-adventure games in general will find a lot to like in Clash of Puppets.