Mumble quietly and your chicken will slowly but surely creep across the screen. Burst into 100 decibels of Pavarotti and it will jump for its life, as high as it possibly can. It’s a measure of how well you can control the sounds that come out of your mouth, which is easier for some than others. Luckily for those who can’t control this, there’s a sensitivity bar on the bottom right hand side. The lower the bar is, the less it will react to quieter noises. If you’re playing alone at home then you might want to consider turning the bar down as low as possible: half the fun is in shouting as loud as you can. Yet in public, please, for everybody else’s sake, turn it up.

The overall aim of the game is to reach as far as you can. The last place you died is marked out, so it’s a game about beating your own, and others’, records. Blocking your way are gaps of differing lengths, some of which you’ll have to crawl right to the edge of the ledge to reach, and spiked objects. Coins can be collected along the way for those daring enough to jump for them, and can be used to purchase in-game goods.

The unlockable items are different characters. None of them have any unique abilities; all seem to run at the same speed and jump at the same heights. They are different colours and shapes however, and act as a fun little addition to the game. Another way of receiving the coins for which to unlock the characters is by using a ‘spin the wheel’. This becomes active every six hours, and prizes can range from five coins to fifty, making it easier to build your stash as opposed to having to play continuously.

Chicken Scream offers something enjoyable and unique, and whilst there’s perhaps a lack of unlockable content and prizes, but as its popularity increases it’s likely that more content will be added. The game itself is wonderfully refreshing to play, putting an original spin on a genre that we’ve seen done so many times. Just look after your voice: it may take a beating after a few goes.

[appbox googleplay com.perfecttapgames.chickenscream]