Cheese curling puzzler: Sleepy Mouse

Apr 10, 2017

It seems fitting that in the same week that adds the word ‘hangry’ (feeling irritable or irrationally angry as a result of being hungry) to it’s online database – a new easy to pick up puzzle game for the casual hangry gamer should launch on Google Play in the form of Sleepy Mouse.

Sleepy Mouse likes the good life – a diet of full-fat cheese and leisurely days spent snoozing on soft-furnishings. Think shooting snooker table/pin-ball 45 degree angles with cheese.

The game captures the frustration of the 'argh – so close!' mindset that comes with puzzle games and allows you to show off your best cheesy moves with Everyplay video integration

But don’t be fooled by this cute little character – the snoozing rodent seems to have mastered the art of the unamused hangry stare if you fail to deliver your cheese ball within the allocated number of shots per level. Whilst there’s no time restriction you need to be strategic in conserving your shots and aim to map out your route in advance – you’ll only be allowed a handful of moves before Sleepy Mouse gets hangry.

Beware of holes in the wall which will suck the cheese right off your fingers; fridge magnets to throw you off course, and alarms that bring a rude awakening depriving Sleepy Mouse from his cheese feast.

Sleepy Mouse Gameplay

Brand New trailer for Sleepy Mouse Version 1.1. Available now on iOS for iPad and iPhone and Android (4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and up) iOS: Android: Sleepy Mouse likes to sleep, loves his cheese but hates to wake up hangry! Get the cheese to Sleepy Mouse before he wakes.

Once you’ve mastered the gameplay you can then get competitive – looking to maximise the number of cheese bounces on your final shot before getting the cheese to Sleepy Mouse will give you the highest score. There’s leaderboards by level and across the 75-levels to give your gaming rivals a run for their money. You’ll be awarded a star rating – Gold, Silver or Bronze – depending on the strength of your cheesy moves and whether you’ve bagged yourself some extra sleep in the form of a sheep or two along the way.

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The game captures the frustration of the ‘argh – so close!’ mindset that comes with puzzle games and allows you to show off your best cheesy moves with Everyplay video integration – as well as giving you some sneaky insights on how to master the more challenging levels by seeing how other players have done it.

If you get stuck you can skip to the next level by watching an ad which is a bit dull but at least you can take on the next level and build up your skills. Sleepy Mouse is Start Get Ready’s first Android app making for a promising start for this new UK-based indie developer.

Sleepy Mouse
Sleepy Mouse
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