There are a lot of role playing-style titles in this week’s best games, but they add different spins to the formula. Also, we’ve got a charming little puzzle game. I guess trying for a theme doesn’t always work perfectly. Anyway, these are the games you should download this week.

Chaos Rings II ($15.99)

The third game in the Chaos Rings series is pretty much the same as the others in terms of gameplay. I made a mistake, though, in not refreshing my memory of the previous games before starting this one, and now I’m not entirely sure how the story ties in with the greater series. But I can say this entry is certainly an emotional one, and Media Vision and Square Enix have continued the series trend of not making these games overly long. The price point is high, but the production values are better than pretty much anything else outside of Gameloft or EA Games. Quality.

bit Dungeon ($1.99)

This game is a low-bit dungeon crawler, and it doesn’t have much of a story. This game from KintoGames puts you in a maze of rooms, and you just go at it, looking for bosses and whatnot. I’m not sure if this game ever ends. As you go through the dungeon, though, there is something you should keep in mind. When you die, your game is over and you’ll have to start over from the beginning. As you begin, it seems as if the game is too easy, but that’s because they’re ramping it up. They don’t want to ruin your day right at the beginning, you know.

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Ravensword: Shadowlands ($6.99)

If you’re not familiar with Crescent Moon Games’s Ravensword series, you should know that what you’re getting for your $6.99 is a fully 3-D open world action RPG experience. The touch controls for a game like that are a bit wonky, but it’s definitely a good effort. You can switch back and forth between first- and third-person perspective, which is a nice trick. Also, this game has dinosaurs, which means you know it’s worth your money right this minute. You don’t need me to say anything else about this.

Ninja Village ($4.99)

It’s the 16th century feudal Japan, and in true Kairosoft fashion you must build a little town to train ninjas so you can send them out to fight in giant battles in an attempt to unite the country. As opposed to, say, Kairobotica, fights are more complex as you build ninja units of different types to go out and participate in the conquest. Like, you can build on-foot units or cavalry, for example. As you would expect from a Kairogame, Ninja Village is quite addictive, and there is some amount of depth here that keeps me playing.

Puk ($1.05)

This is a puzzle game from Laser Dog Games in which your objective is to launch little balls, Angry Birds-style, to try to hit other, larger balls and pop them. The number of balls you get is limited so that there is pretty much no margin for error. That description does not really do this game justice. Puk is beautiful in its simplicity, and while each level will only take a few seconds to complete if you succeed, there are allegedly over a thousand of them. This game should keep you occupied for a while if you give it a chance, as it is the perfect game for the prevailing mobile mindset that yearns for more bite-sized experiences.

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