You’ve spent weeks scraping cash, lurked on tech sites and forums and read every single review online and now you’ve finally changed your mind and made the jump. But spending a chunk of your paycheck for a shiny smartphone is only half the battle; keeping it is another. A night out of town or a bar crawl and you’ve found yourself parted from the expensive device. What’s an Android owner to do?

Enter Where’s My Droid, Cerberus takes the concept ten steps further with tons of features to provide ultimate security. Phone stolen or lost? By using your its built-in GPS, Cereberus’ companion website can pinpoint the exact location of your device.

Forgetting where you placed your phone is as easy as misplacing your keys. By logging-on to the Cerberus website a host of options are available at your fingertips, like forcing your phone to blare an alarm even in silent mode. Also, keeping possible thieves at bay, there’s an exhausting list of options that may help you identify the perpetrator.

Features includes sending a message directly to your device, getting a list of phone calls made, recording audio, taking a screenshot, taking videos, a SIM checker, the ability to wipe your SD card memory, and using the built-in front facing camera to snap of a photo of the thief. Along with the online remote control, it’s extremely difficult for anyone to get away with your smartphone.

Unfortunately, as the app takes full control of your app, root permission is required. Though to completely shield your phone, it is definitely worth it.

Smartphones have become an extension of our lives, from our personal photos to bank accounts. So why not keep it under lock and key? With Cerberus, you’ll never have to worry about losing your phone again.

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