Carrying your library in the palm of your hand. Kobo is a new player in the ereader scene, allowing you to directly download ebooks on your phone and read wherever you are.

Kobo offers a library of about two million books. Some are free. For those that are not, you can see a nice preview, just like in a bookshop, where you can browse through the pages.

There is no need to have a desktop computer, Kobo allows you to download and purchase books from within the application. This on-the-go-purchasing makes it a breeze to extend your library. There are several ways of browsing the catalogue, ranging from genre to whether books are featured in the news or even mentioned by Oprah.

Kobo remembers where you were in the book, and allows you to easily navigate back. Night Mode makes it easy on your eyes while reading in the dark in bed, and the other settings like font size and type ensure that your eyes won’t get too tired.

Kobo is easy to use, and allows you to carry books without the weight.