If you’re like me, then part of your morning routine involves combing through a newspaper to catch up on all the news you didn’t get a chance to read online the day before. For my wife, it’s all about the comic strips. And what she can’t find in the trusty News & Observer here in Raleigh, N.C., she finds on the web.

For me, a majority of my favorite comics (strips and otherwise) are just a click away online. And three times a week, it’s a treat to head over to XKCD strip.

If you’re a hardcore math nerd or do any kind of technical work with computers or the Internet (think programming, HTML coding, making your own circuit boards, etc.), then you’ve probably heard of XKCD.

It’s difficult to accurately describe the feature, but here goes: XKCD offers a high-brow, Dilbert-like comic strip that randomly deviates from hilariously-drawn circuit patterns with accompanying text, to stick figures talking about the finer points of existence to insightful commentary on the web, Java, programming, math, language, sarcasm and more.

Thanks to developer Tom Coxon, the XKCD Viewer app now lets us take Randall Munroe’s classic web comic with our geeky selves anywhere our Android phones might roam. Just open the app, turn your phone to landscape mode, and you’ve got yourself the very latest perfectly sized and oriented XKCD comic to read.

The added ability to touch any comic to see the embedded text commentary helps this “one of several XKCD viewer apps” rise above the rest. It’s light, loads each comic in a hurry, and makes viewing a breeze. Plus, the app makes it super-easy to share each comic image to your favorite social media outlets, or send as an SMS, email attachment and more.

So give this “web comic of romance, sarcasm, math and language” a shot, both on the web and on your Droid. It’ll be time well-spent.