The famous Talking Carl app for iPhone is now available in the Android marketplace.

This little guy acts like he’s a digital pet of your very own, but he’s very different from that Tamagotchi or Furby you might have owned once upon a time. For one, he’s much cuter (in my opinion), and he relies entirely on your interaction in order to function.

The Talking Carl app features several instant touch feedback options, including tickling, tapping, pinching, and poking. Poke him in the eye, and he’ll shout out loud; or tickle him on his side, and he’ll double over in laughter. He also growls. Pinch him or ignore him, and he’ll make a low, dissatisfied grumbling sound.

One flaw I noticed with this application is that it takes several seconds for Talking Carl to respond to the sound of your voice. Sometimes, there’s a noticeable recording delay with the app, and parts of your phrase might become cut off.

Talking Carl also doesn’t seem to have a long-term memory, so he can’t show off with your goofy phrases, sounds or swear words at a later time.

This app might not be the kind of interactive app that keeps users engaged longer than a few minutes at a time, but Talking Carl is sure to get a smile out of people of all ages.