Simplicity in design and gameplay is a characteristic that seems to work well with a lot of mobile games available for your Android phone. In the case of the Car Wash 3D app, however, users might get a sense that the creators attempted to design something simple, but instead ended up with a game that’s ugly, boring and just doesn’t play well.

The object of Car Wash 3D is to direct cars through the car wash entrance, without colliding into any of the other vehicles. When cars appear from the edge of your screen, draw a path to the green illuminated side of the American flag graphic (the car wash) at the middle of the screen. When more cars begin to appear, you’ll have to plan ahead in order to prevent a collision. This can be done by plotting larger, more complicated looped lines and zigzag patterns to reroute the cars away before they will eventually enter the car wash.

The app itself is a bit twitchy. You might find that the lines you’re drawing to direct the cars to the car wash are not very precise. Because the graphics are so simple (i.e.: the car wash being represented by a small flag), it’s sometimes unclear when a collision between two cars takes place – you know when a menu screen pops up telling you that you have crashed.

The aesthetic of the game is also very strange, between the weird banjo music and the clip art style graphics, and it’s not clear what the developers were going for.

The app is very easy to understand, and is one that children might enjoy playing. But, because it’s so simple, it doesn’t seem like it’s a worthwhile download, even though it won’t cost you a cent.