Android phones have powerful voice-search and voice-input capabilities, but no stock voice recorder. Virtual Recorder for Android fills in this gap, but still leaves room for improvement.

The app doesn’t offer any frills. It launches right to the recorder screen. In my opinion, the main screen could use a UI-design makeover. It features three slider bars — pitch, recording time and pre-amp — but the only one you probably will use frequently is the recording time to scroll forward or backward in a recording. There’s also a voice-level bar — and all these bars together are confusing. I often slid the wrong bar by mistake.

Otherwise, you see the familiar “record,” “pause” and “stop” buttons. Go to the library, and you can select a previous recording to play, or long-press and convert one into a ringtone or send it in email.

Overall, the app does work to capture your thoughts, but the controls are such that it isn’t easy to use “hands free,” where you don’t need to look at the screen. It also can generate simple ringtones.