Mortal Kombat X Mobile

Mortal Kombat X Mobile is NetherRealm’s latest work leading up to Injustice 2, and it’s packing all the things you loved about the first Injustice mobile game, plus fatalities! Two teams of three enter, and the unlucky losers get savaged in proper Mortal Kombat fashion. While it lacks some of the new mechanics debuting in Injustice 2, it’s a far more stable experience, and features all the polish found in more recent NetherRealm mobile titles. It might not feature any DC super heroes, but the great gameplay that won so many over is beating beneath Mortal Kombat X‘s gory, bloody heart.

Marvel: Contest of Champions

While staunch DC fans may balk at the proposition, there’s a lot to love in Marvel: Contest of Champions. Much like Injustice 2, it integrates more fighting game staples like movement and varied attacks, while maintaining the accessibility of a traditional mobile fighting game. Rather than rotating through a team of three, you fight one on one battles, swapping in heroes as they run out of health. Each character has unique special moves, but are all easy to control. It’s got a wealth of content that’s regularly being updated, and features a story mode in addition to versus play. It’s easy to get started thanks to a slick and to the point tutorial, and features all the classic Marvel characters as well as their various reinterpretations in the movies and spin-off comics. It’s enough to almost make you yell “Excelsior!”


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars blew us away when it launched with its solid mixture of real-time and turn-based fighting. While many of the games on this list will have you unlocking cards to bolster your team, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars goes beyond that. It melds the combos and timing of a fighting game with the turn-based nature of Magic: The Gathering to beautiful effect. There’s an active online player base, and also unlike certain games on this list, offers true player versus player battles. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a perfect way to pass the time while DC’s finest work the kinks out in Injustice 2‘s their batarangs.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile

You might raise an eyebrow at our fourth contender on this list. “Why suggest the original game?” you ask. Well, it’s very simple – Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile still holds up. Injustice 2 certainly is exciting, but whether you’ve got a library full of fighters or are just starting out, Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile has plenty to offer still. Regular challenges, in addition to an online component where you can prep your own AI team to fight other players, keep things fresh and ensure everyone can have fun with the title. Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile was such a success, they’re including Injustice 2’s console story mode with Injustice 2 mobile, so discover what made the first game such a hit while you’re waiting on the next contender.

Shadow Fight 2

Let’s say you’ve enjoyed your time with Injustice, but want something a bit more. You want a fighting game on the go in a purer sense. You want directional inputs, button presses, combos, but not TOO much of that. Well, Shadow Fight 2 is the game you’ve been looking for. Taking an approach not unlike Virtua Fighter, Shadow Fight 2 is a mobile fighting game that emphasizes strategy and flexibility while still being approachable to play. There’s only one playable character, but you have multiple weapons you can unlock, and there’s a wealth of upgrades to choose from. There’s a full story mode to progress through, with a variety of characters to duel ranging from sly ninjas to hardened warriors. The visuals aren’t anything to really write home about, but the slick simplified control scheme and dynamic fighting more than make for it. Shadow Fight 2 is definitely worth a look.

Batman: Arkham Origins Mobile

Our final highlight of NetherRealm’s other projects that might catch your eye is their adaptation of Batman: Arkham Origins. Unlike Mortal Kombat X and Injustice, Batman: Arkham Origins Mobile is focused on its titular protagonist, throwing whole new gameplay mechanics like different fighting stances and abilities in. By utilizing the similar swap and tap fighting mold, NetherRealm crafts an experience almost like a hybrid of Infinity Blade with their traditional fighting game mechanics. There’s no major online component in this one, but it more than makes up for it with a wealth of boss fights and regular criminals to knock out. It’s a solid option for DC fans of the Dark Knight, and an enjoyable mobile fighting game in its own right.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the only entry in this list that leans more on team building and strategy than Injustice 2, but there’s a good reason for that. If you loved perfecting your deck of characters in Injustice, then Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a great alternative to scratch that itch. Playing out in a turn-based battle mode, you pit various heroes across the Star Wars saga against one another in a bid for glory. Ranging from new heroes and villains like Rey and Kylo Ren to classics like Darth Vader and Yoda, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is packed to the brim with nostalgia for that galaxy far, far away. Thankfully, even if you aren’t one with the Force, it’s a fun turn-based RPG that nails the feel of Injustice but drops the fighting game perspective for greater strategy.

We hope these titles tide you over until the titantic release of Injustice 2 is given a just and well deserved tune up.