The concept of the game of Cannonball for your Android phone isn’t a new one, but the design and challenge are innovative enough to keep players coming back for more.

Cannonball might remind players of those old shooting gallery games seen at county fairgrounds. It’s the game’s simple, old-fashioned aesthetic that really makes it so much fun to play. Use your cannon to hit the targets that are attached to wooden cuts-outs of ships, treasure chests, seagulls and giant squids, all riding along on low-tech, mechanical waves. To fire, touch the screen to launch the cannonball, and aim by pacing the speed of the moving targets.

Hit the small circular target on the moving objects, and the target will fall. When you fire again, the moving ship will sink. The game becomes more challenging with each level, as the targets move more quickly.

Players can customize a profile, choose an avatar, and compare their scores with other players. Gameplay runs smoothly and consistently, allowing players to quickly grasp how motion works inside the realms of the game. The graphics are clear, and pop out of the screen. Style is what makes this game different from any other similar app on the market.

For $1.99, Cannonball is definitely worth the download.