Frienduel allows a user to browse through an extensive list of the hottest and freshest news topics, celebrity gossip, and sports games and predict the outcome of a question that is posed. When the outcome is revealed, a user receives points if the question is predicted correctly or none if predicted incorrectly. With each question answered, users are able to see how the Frienduel community predicted with simple yet informative percentages. Users can even challenge a friend on a specific question or post their prediction on social media. There is a leaderboard in which a user can see how they are performing compared to their friends, their accuracy, and their best and worst categories.

Aside from being an interesting way to see what your friends and the world thinks will happen in a particular event, people can use Frienduel as a way to get trending news stories in a more interactive way. Each prediction “card” in Frienduel links to a news article online. There, users can read more about the particular story before locking in predictions. As a sports fan, a user can make a prediction and see what the global community thinks will happen in a particular game. All this data makes for not only a fun experience, but one that a user can learn about daily changing topics and give them the ability to start a dialogue with friends about them. Also, with the biggest events, Frienduel will send alerts that alerts users that a big story is developing. Not only can Frienduel inform a user of a trending story, but it also will inform them when that event ends giving a nice conclusion to the story.

With large news stories such as the Presidential Debates, Frienduel creates different questions that cover a broad spectrum of information. For the 3rd debate, they not only covered who would win the debate according to big media houses, but what color tie Trump would wear and if Hillary would bring up Bill’s scandals.


Prediction is all the rage these days, with apps like FanDuel, Draftkings, Yahoo! Fantasy and other Fantasy sports being seen everywhere. In other spheres, with the Presidential Election reaching climax, people’s thirst for information and data will not ever be quenched, and the team behind Frienduel aims to give them as much as they can handle. Frienduel offers a unique take on an age old behavior of predicting big news stories. More importantly, it offers a catalyst for discussion and debate with your friends and the global community. Frienduel is available on both Android and iOS devices.