Almost every cell phone now features a camera: So how do make your photos stand out above the rest? Camera Fun Pro lets you customize pix with dazzling effects. I wish it did more for the money – only 99 cents – but it does create cool images that will get noticed.

The app is a breeze to install. When you launch it, the app automatically operates your phone’s camera. You see through the camera lens as you normally would, but with Camera Fun Pro, you have a series of special effects that you can page through to change the image. The app offers more than 15 different and dazzling effects. “Neon” brightens text into neon-style colors. “Sketch” outlines objects with a border. “Poster” blurs colors into poster-style art. “Tunnel” creates a tunnel of light. “Swirl”  bends your image like a fun-house mirror. “Avatar” turns everything shades of blue as in the hit 3D movie. And, so on.

Perhaps the best feature is the ability to transform your existing gallery of images with the same effects. Tap the “folder” icon at the bottom of the screen, and Camera Fun Pro finds all the images on your phone, and displays them in folders. Drill down to select a photo, and it will appear already modified with the current special-effects filter. You can flip through the effects until you find the right one, then save it to your phone, or send it to one of your contacts by touching the “share”  icon.

Settings let your toggle the sound effects when you take a new picture, and select which of the effects to show. You can also post a review of the app, or promote it by sending a link to your friends.

Overall, the image effects are a lot of fun, but I do wish the app had more features – maybe adding stamps or the power to draw on images. If you want to spice up your photos, check it out.