Rolodex users, wake up and smell the 21st century. Camcard is a powerful, easy-to-use business card reader that uses your phone’s camera to convert paper cards into new electronic contact files in your Android phone.

In my limited demo, I encountered zero read errors or other issues. I held up several business cards to the camera lens, allowed the auto-focus to kick in, took a picture, and the software was seven for seven in capturing all the card information and inserting it into fresh contact files. If you’re in global sales, there’s a good chance the app can handle most of the languages you’ll encounter (12 presently), and the ability to edit the imported information makes the process flawless. The app will even auto-rotate images to do a proper import, and crop out background text that might be in the image with your cards.

As with all camera-based apps, you’ll want to take care to place cards on a plain surface before taking a picture, avoid moving your hand when taking each snap, and keep the card as big as possible in the viewfinder before capturing an image.

If you’ll only scan a handful of cards each week, the Lite version will work just fine. If you take in more than 10-15 each week, you’ll want to pony up for the unlimited version, which costs $14.99.