CalcTape by Schoettler Software brings you the best of these and even more. It is a companion for all daily calculation needs and easily masters all scenarios you can imagine. It is certainly not a scientific calculator but do we need these in daily use? Ever did a long calculation with many figures and asked yourself: “Did I enter the last figure correctly?” “The result looks strange somehow!

Missed a figure? No problem: Just insert it in the right place easily by entering a new line. You can place the cursor everywhere you like in the calculation: It’s like a note where you can change anything you like in any place with the advantage, that changing numbers or operators updates your calculation immediately. CalcTape can be considered as an “Excel Lite with a calculator interface”.

Users can also save the calculation and create templates: replacing the figures in the template and getting the correct results is a breeze. Commenting figures and results gives sense to calculations, so you can understand what you did when viewing the calculation a month later. Moreover, CalcTape can be customized according to needs and place only those buttons on your keypad that is of everyday need. User-specific functions can be created e.g. a specific percent rate with a tap on a single button.

CalcTape comes with a basic free version and offers a Pro update ($2.99 currently on sale with 50%) via InApp purchase. The free version is fully functional with some limitations that the pro version offers: i.e. save calculations into files, create own functions or text snippets to be entered when pressing a button or create own keypad layouts and some social features like sharing calculations using standard Android features.

This is a great calculator for everyday needs, is even a good replacement of the built-in calculator apps.