It is official: I’m one of those people who play annoying games on Facebook. Well, I’m actually playing it on my Motorola Droid X as an app game. So it doesn’t count … right?

The free Happy Island BETA app for Android is a social Facebook game much like the infamous Farmville that works like magic to get de-friended on Facebook. Only with Happy Island, you own your own island, and your job is to build social tourism. You can also hop back and forth between your island and a friend’s islands.

So, if you ever wanted to try your hand at owning your own island, this game is for you! And with the coming winter months, this game is a quick way to escape the winter blues with a free trip to the islands.

The game is visually appealing, and utilizes all the great functions of having a touch screen, like double taps to show tools and pinch and zoom to move around your island. I have to admit, I don’t really get the appeal of these social Facebook games, and I’m not likely to keep up with playing it. However, the app version on my Android phone makes the social game more appealing to me and I’ll probably log in when I’m bored in a meeting at work to see how my island is doing.

Overall, this Android app is a smart way to bring a mass appeal to a social game that started on Facebook. Upgrade to a Happy Island Limited Edition app for 99 cents.