I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve been building my Dream Heights app by Zynga. Oh my, as if we needed another Zynga app addiction!

The Dream Heights game is fast paced as one would imagine life in a city of skyscrapers. You jump right into building floors of your skyscraper complete with apartments, gardens, Italian restaurants, video stores, and many more. You hire your apartment dwellers to work in your establishments as they move in, and each renter is equipped with their own skills, which you learn to use to your advantage.

You can link up with other Facebook friends who play Dream Heights to earn extra points, very similar to visiting friend’s zoos in the Dream Zoo game. You can actually interact with visitors to your stores and help them buy products. You also need to restock stores so this aspect of the game is more interactive then when you had visitors at your Dream Zoo.

Overall, it is a fun, fast-paced game on par with Zynga’s other app creations. If you wanted to love Dream Zoo but weren’t into the whole animal aspect, then Dream Heights might just be perfect you.

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