Have you always wanted to possess your own zoo? Well now you can (sort of), on your Android device, minus shoveling elephant poop and risking your life to feed a cheetah. The free Dream Zoo app by Zynga is all about collecting common and rare animals and breeding said animals to produce more rare versions. These animals all stay within the comforting virtual world of your Android phone. Okay, this sounds really boring the way I’m describing it. But let me put it this way: I played for a good five hours the night I downloaded this zoo-themed app because I really wanted to be there when that rare baboon baby was born.

While you are waiting for the stork to deliver your latest rare baby animal creation, you can go on safari-themed adventures to collect coins, hearts, experience points, rare animals and more. The safari games are my favorite part of the Dream Zoo app. It’s like Press Your Luck but instead of whammies you get flat tires on your safari.

Connect Dream Zoo with Facebook to receive extra coinage. You can then visit your Facebook friends’ personal zoos and earn extra points by washing and feeding their rare zoo animals. This is where I encountered my first annoyance with this fun app. When you jump on your motorbike to head to the next zoo, the app tends to freeze a lot, especially if said zoo is pimped out with lots of exotic rare animal creations. The app is huge, and at around 25MB, it’s not joking around. All those animals take up a lot of space. Haven’t you been to a real zoo before?