The classic Labyrinth game goes underwater (and anti-gravity) with Bubble Maze. Float a bubble through an undersea maze before time runs out and it pops. If you’re keen on ocean scenery and tilt-controlled games, Bubble Maze is a nice, light app. Looking for something more challenging, complex or fast-paced? Your bubble might be burst with this one.

A refreshing (or frustrating, depending on how loyal you are to the classic metal ball version of Labyrinth) gameplay update that Bubble Maze features over traditional Labyrinth games is the reversal of the controls – rather than using gravity to guide the ball down paths in the maze, you’ll have to think upside-down as the bubble floats through the twists and turns. It’s clever, but the bubble can also be slow-moving, so it’s critical to think ahead with each upcoming turn in order to complete the maze quickly.

Visually, Bubble Maze is a bit clunky. The ocean images in the background are lovely, but the plain white maze walls seem out of place and are alternately harsh or difficult to see, depending on the level. Another visual caveat: The text on the main screen is tiny, and there’s no zoom mechanism. Get ready to squint at the directions – fortunately, the gameplay isn’t too difficult to figure out.

The mazes themselves aren’t incredibly difficult for seasoned puzzle fans, although later boards feature multiple bubbles and nods to the original Labyrinth game (in the form of silver marbles). It’s rather gratifying to watch the maze walls tumble to the bottom of the screen once a level is completed – unfortunately, the game maxes out at level 24, so you won’t get to see this animation very often unless you decide to replay a board.

I’d like to see an updated version of this app that takes the theme and gameplay to the next level: Maze walls that look like coral, undersea creatures that interfere with the bubble’s path, or customizable boards might help Bubble Maze rise to the surface.