Although this is highly encouraged, unfortunately, in the fast pace of modern society, allocating time to reading the Bible may not be feasible if the person is busy or on-the-go.  This issue is therefore eliminated with the introduction of a comprehensive bible app such as Bible in order to allow quick and easy access to it wherever they are.

Completely free on the Google Play Store, Bible has the ability to provide those who study the religion with the opportunity to read the Bible while mobile. Offering offline reading, the app does not require an internet connection and can therefore be accessed with great flexibility as to offer access wherever the reader may be. With a simple and easy to use interface that deviates from the large block of texts that are commonly associated with reading, especially that of the bible, all of the features of this app have specifically been designed to help the users stay more engaged when reading. By keeping track of their reading progress feature, people who use the app will not have to go through a significant amount of hassle when navigating through the content which they have and have not yet read.  This in turn assists readers in going through the bible at their own pace whenever they have free time.

Although many Bible apps are already available on the Google Play Store which contains the same content as this app, Bible allows its readers to have access to both the Old Testament as well as New Testament, something that competing apps lack. Without a dull look that resembles the actual Bible, this particular bible app includes visual animations which are more appealing than simply text. Furthermore, users have a wider range of customization to include changing the text size accordingly as well as being able to create bookmarks for the favorite Bible verses that they come across which can simply be accessed by going back to the favorites section at any preferred time.

One of the biggest differentiating features of the app is that users are able to make notes as they read right into the app itself. This lets readers incorporate their thoughts and reflections about the Bible and then later go back to the notes section to go through the saved notes, edit them, or delete them as they choose. With these stored notes and verses, Bible users can then easily share this with their friends or family through many social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, or text. Available in 16 languages, the app is applicable for those who study the religion around the world.