Best IQ Test


Although the title of this Android IQ app has made us extremely suspicious of the quality of its features and its overall capabilities, our rather pessimistic expectations couldn’t have been further from the truth. Best IQ Test brings you a colorful assortment of 60 puzzles covering 5 difficulty levels. There are a pair of hints for each puzzle, which you might find pestering at first, but will surely appreciate them when the going gets tough due to the gradually increasing difficulty. Just like a traditional IQ test, Best IQ Test measures your IQ, and, what’s even better, provides detailed performance stats so that you can see the areas where you need to improve.

Skillz – Logical Brain Game


Not necessarily and IQ app, but in case playing with Skillz – Logical Brain Game on a daily basis does not boost your IQ by improving your memory and the speed and effectiveness of a plethora of cognitive processes, the joke’s definitely on us. Skillz is perfect for all age groups, including children, providing the little ones a playful and fun way to sharpen their mental abilities, train their reflexes, and learn color coordination. After completing a level, your performance is rated: the minimum is 1 star, while the maximum is the elusive 5 stars. For each star, you’re awarded a Brain you can gobble up like the bloodthirsty zombie you are which you can exchange for three things: you can retry the puzzle you’ve just completed, you can skip a puzzle, or you can skip an entire level with a 5-star rating. To top it all off, Skillz has a multiplayer mode, allowing you to go up against your friends or random brain-trainers, and – speaking of brains – collect more Brains and unlock achievements.

What’s My IQ?


If you’re itching to find out the answer to the above question by completing a series of unique puzzles (50 of them, to be exact) requiring boatloads of creativity, What’s My IQ? is the way to go. Each puzzle pushes your creative thinking to the limit like Tony Montana pushed the limits of living like a boss to the max, demanding you to come up with unusual, often absurd solutions for brain-straining riddles you won’t come across in any other IQ test. Based on how many mistakes you’ve made and how much time it took you to complete the puzzles, What’s My IQ? gives you an IQ score at the end of each day, and via the app’s Facebook integration, it allows you to compare your performance with that of your friends and family.

IQ Test - How smart are you?


Compared with What’s My IQ?, IQ Test – How Smart are you? is at the other end of the spectrum in terms of applying an outside-the-box approach towards measuring your IQ. At the heart of the concept of IQ Test – How smart are you? are a series of questions putting your logical reasoning, verbal ability, and quantitative aptitude, to name just a few, to the test. The difficulty of the questions you get depends on your age, while your score is calculated based on the number of correct answers, the difficulty of the problems you’ve solved, and of course your age. To top it off, IQ Test provides a percentile evaluation of your performance, which you can brag about on Facebook to show off how smart you are.