Optical illusions have always captured the interest of the world. With some originating in early history and others being created with the latest technology, there is no question they have played a key part in art’s evolution. What better way to view an optical illusion than on the crisp screen of an Android phone.

Book of Illusions is a rather simple application for the Android platform that brings a nice chuck of popular optical illusions to your device. The app brings classics like the impossible triangle and the 3 faced person right to your mobile phone. It even has a few animated illusions that give the illusion of three dimensions.

I have to say though, aside from these animated illusions, there really isn’t anything special to this app. It is covered in advertisements and the navigation is extremely basic. It’s available free in the Android Market but there really isn’t a point to picking it up. Most of the images are available online just by searching Google for illusions. Still, it is nice to have them all in one place. Check it out.

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