Bonzai Blast is another one of those puzzle elimination games that has you tossing different color balls at more other colored balls. The game features some of the familiar gameplay that we are all familiar with by now. The goal of the game is to eliminate all of the incoming balls before they reach the end.

This is done by matching at least three of the same colored boulders to eliminate them and set the line back. The game really shines in the graphics area, presenting itself extremely well. The animations sounds and music of this app serve to intensify the gameplay and actually make it seem much more of a game for the free price it’s offered for. Everything from the music to the ball animations really offers an experience on par with some of the top arcade games available today.

With plenty of levels to push through, the game is sure to keep people going for a while. It is definitely well-worth the download and really will keep most users entertained for a while. If you are into puzzle elimination games, this game will satisfy you. But if you are looking for a game with a little more story and depth, don’t look to this app. It is meant for quick gaming sessions and not heavy content-based gameplay. Check it out

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