As opposed to being another generic puzzle game, the gameplay of World of Ball is supported by a story which is meant to keep the players enticed. Starting off in a magical portal that has the mission of taking over other planets, players are provided with the abilities to stop this portal from completing its objective. In order to successfully stop the portal from taking the planets over, players must go through a series of challenges that are designed to utilize significant critical thinking. The challenges initially start out with simple tasks but then progress to more difficult ones as players become more and more familiar with the game.

An instance of a mission that requires an understanding of physics and critical thinking is during a level that is successfully completed when users bounce six different balls into the provided portal. Although this sounds easy at first glance, players need to accurately determine the correct angle, position, and arrangement of objects that are displayed on the screen. With obstacles in the way, players will only be able to score if they are able to guide the ball into the portal after experimenting with different positions and powerups (cubes) which are provided to them.

Utilizing real physical properties such as gravity, challenges are brought into a new realm of realism that is unparalleled with other puzzle games. The additional details put into the physics of World of Ball significantly enhance the experience for players who are seeking to engage with a heightened sense of accuracy. Furthermore, the social aspect of the game enables it to be played with others to see who can achieve the highest score to bring a sense of competitive nature into the gameplay, a feature that many other puzzle games seem to lack.

Although many puzzle games exist in this space which is comparative to World of Ball, the differentiating value is in the trial and error method of gameplay which keeps players engaged. Although players of puzzle games who need a different style of gameplay are drawn to this trial and error system, this can also be seen as a flaw of the game due to the unskillful nature that is required to win. As trial and error is a big aspect of World of Ball, a significant time investment is required as opposed to quick advancement for those who are more skilled.

As a game which deviates from the typically puzzle games which are available on the Google Play Store, World of Ball utilizes a combination of physics and trial and error to differentiates itself from existing puzzle games. For those who are interested in experiencing a heightened sense of physics realism in a game with trial and error style gameplay, World of Ball is a must have.