BlueBrush is a drawing app for the Android platform that allows you to do quite a lot more than you would expect out of an app of this type. Not only are you offered a good deal of options when it comes to drawing, but you can also connect with other BlueBrush users to paint together.

When you load up the app, the menu bars will be displayed on either side. This is where you’ll find all the different options that the app has to offer. You can paint, type, draw shapes, insert pictures, and move everything around pretty easily in BlueBrush. If you want more area to draw, you can always press the menu button after you’ve selected the specific tool you want to use.

If you’d like, you can log into BlueBrush with your Google account and find others to draw with. Once connected, your picture becomes open to others who can join you on your drawing. If you’d like to, you can directly invite other people or join them instead of waiting for others to join you.

As a drawing app, BlueBrush definitely offers a lot of customization in each option they have. The online feature is pretty cool as well if you’re looking to kill some time in a unique way. Considering Android doesn’t have a default drawing app, BlueBrush is a decent fill in.