The Bloomberg app elevates the basic interface available at, formatting relevant graphics, data, and content for easy viewing on your handset.

My first take on the mid-90’s graphic design – black background with white and yellow text – was less than favorable. But the more I worked with the app in my office and out on the road, I came to appreciate how easy everything is on the eye. It’s the first content-rich app I’m able to browse without feeling the urge to pinch-zoom my screen to get closer to the text or graphics.

The major content offerings – “News,” “News by Region,” “Market Snapshot,” “World Indexes,” “Quote,” and “Portfolio” – are opened by pressing on each category. The category names could be a bit larger, as I occasionally press the wrong item with my fat fingertips.

Getting around is a breeze, though the responsiveness of the interface was a bit lacking. Even with 4 bars or at home on my super-fast Wi-Fi network, pulling up stories and quotes takes about twice as long as it should.

That said, for 99 cents this is a must-have app for businesspeople who rely on daily Bloomberg data as one critical source of business intelligence to keep them on top of their game.

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