Best Speed (or Spit!) Card Games for Android

Nov 9, 2011

Spit! (or Speed) used to be my favorite card game as a grade schooler. Now I can play it on my phone! Here are my favorite versions of this speedy card game for Android.

Spit Speed Solitaire

This is an okay version of Spit for Android. The cards are a little too small and it makes it hard to really go the speed I want to. You can post your speed to a scoreboard and see how you compare against the rest of the world.


Spit ! Speed ! Card Game Free

This is a decent version of Spit for Android that auto-saves the game frequently which is nice. The cards are a little too small to really get up to speed on this.



This is a great version of Spit! for Android. The graphics are good and the cards layout makes it easy to go fast.


Speed Card

This version of Spit or Speed for Android is pretty basic – the game, the scores – that’s all you need.


Speed Solitaire

This comes with 5 solitaire games including a solo version of spit. All of the games are speed based.


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