Best Sim Games for Android

Jan 5, 2012

I love The Sims and all games like it. I’ve made a list of my favorites for Android!

The Sims 3

The Sims have made it to Android! Design your Sim, decorate and build their house, interact with others, and get all the good Sim action on Android here.


Fantasy Town

This is a fun game that allows you to create your own mythical village full of people and creatures. Tons of items to unlock, magic potions, monster-fighting mini-game, and lots of social features. Involves farming, simulation, and tycoon gaming.


The Oregon Trail: Settler

This game lets you create your own frontier town. Very fun and actually lets you engage with historical events! Involves farming, simulation, and tycoon gaming.


Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim

This is a Sim game where you have to bribe the sims to get them to do what you want! Fight monsters, grab land, solve puzzles, emphasis on tycooning. Amazing game with lots of add-ons available.


SimCity™ Deluxe

Sim City made it to Android! Build your city, watch it come to life, control your people, make them flourish – make them suffer. The controls on this game make it really easy to build cities.


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