Best RPG Games Available for Android

Feb 1, 2011

I’m a huge fan of role playing games on the PC and consoles, so it’s only natural I flock to them on my phone. Here is my list of the best ones I have been able to find to date.

Crusade Of Destiny

A fun game with a big world to explore. While the controls can get a little wonky at times, it never gets frustrating and really shows off what the Android phone is capable of.


Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

A mix of RPG and Tower Defense, this game really shines on the Android with it’s amazing use of the Unreal engine.


RPG Spectral Souls

Forget small Android games, this is a full version PSP game. Spectral Souls is a huge real time strategy game that will have you playing for hours. Make sure you brought a charger with you!


Pocket Legends

One of the most popular RPG’s out there, Pocket Legends is an MMO where you create a character and level up with others. It’s free to play, but serious players will find themselves paying at least 5 bucks to open up some end game content. Small price to pay for such a huge game. Most of the game is free though.


Zenonia 2 HD

Zenonia 2 is the typical RPG meets Zelda where you control one of four characters and embark on a mission that is actually quite good. The gameplay is fun and you’ll even get stumped along the way at some minor puzzles present.


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