Scout your next piece of real estate with

Take your real estate search on the go with the free app for Android. This small, but mighty, app pulls up real estate listings for sale by location, as well as apartments for rent.

It’s that simple. Just go to the neighborhood you’re interested in, start driving or walking around. and peruse all the local listings from You can even view the listings in a map format to make homes easier to locate on scouting trips, and conveniently scroll through listings at the top of the map at the same time. A helpful function allows users to save searches for easy access later.

Modify search tools to view homes by minimum/maximum price, baths and beds, radius and property types, and sort the order with the advanced search function. There is also a quick search by MLS # if you have that available for a specific listing you’re hunting, which makes this a practical tool for real estate agents.

Listings include price, photo, detailed information, agent contact information and more.

Overall, is a fabulous, free tool to have in your house-hunting arsenal. Or, you can use it like me, to monitor the sales of condos in your building for fun.

Find your next pad with the Android app

One of my favorite benefits to having an Android phone is the ability to use apps that pull up suggestions based on your location. Real estate apps offer one of the best uses of this function. I am the type of person who likes to get a feel for the neighborhood first. I do not care if it is a fabulous apartment and the rent is to die for, if I can’t get coffee within a block or two. No coffee shop? Forget about it.

The free app is simple to use, and knows what it does best. Locate apartments based on your current location. Just open the app, and select “Nearby.” No fluff, no complications, simply selections to find what you need. I dare you to find a real estate agent who’s this simple to work with!

View options by listings or via map. Did you receive too many selections? If there’s just too many awesome apartments to choose from, tap the “Filter” button to narrow your search by rent, bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities or radius. Click on a selection for all the detailed information you need, like photos, floor plans, maps and more. See one you like? A handy selection lets you dial straight from the app for more information with a touch of the button, or click “Check Availability” to email to obtain further details.

Of course, you can also use to search for places in other locations by entering addresses and ZIP codes. But this real estate app works best when you’re hunting apartments on the ground in the neighborhoods you’re targeting.

Zillow for Android provides real estate street smarts

Never buy or sell a home without scoping out Zillow. The web site rocked the real estate biz when it first launched by providing easy-to-use, map-based home-price info, rental listings, mortgage advice and more.

Regular Zillow users will notice something cool when they first launch the app. Using your phone’s GPS, the Zillow app loads a map with your current location with home-price info layered overtop. This is an improvement over the web site, where you have to type in your location. From here, you can filter what you see by setting the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need or your price range for a purchase or rental. You can also display or hide the categories that interest you – homes for sale, recently sold, rentals or Zillow’s special “make me move” class where homeowners post a price that would get them to sell, and see if they raise any interest.

The app lets you switch back and forth between a list format or map. On the map, you can layer satellite imagery, traffic or street view. Tapping any home or rental brings up the details for it, including address, price and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can also bookmark specific homes or searches.

Find shelter fast with Zillow Rentals

Looking for a place to live? Zillow Rentals is a useful app which might shorten your time to shelter. For rental properties, it acts like a smart real estate agent in your pocket.

When launched, the app first asks about the type of rental you seek including how many bedrooms and bathrooms, monthly budget, whether or not you require a single family home or apartment. Then comes one of the app’s best features, location. You can enter the areas you’re interested in using the typical methods – zip code, town name, etc. – or you can draw right on a map with your finger as the pen. The map starts at your current location but you can navigate to any. Your drawing can be circular or wiggly or any shape and you can encircle more than one area on the map to include different neighborhoods. This feature is both clever and useful and matches people’s desire to look for rentals in certain sections of a town but not others.

When finished with the search parameters the app displays listings in the areas you chose matching your specs. It showed several for the town in which I live, complete with photos. With a couple of taps you can call or email the landlord, or compare two listings side-by-side to decide between them. If your roommate or spouse needs to weigh in, share the info via email or text.

I’m not currently looking to rent but if I were, this app would be top of the list of helper apps.

Trulia Real Estate and Rentals

Trulia app is one of the best real estate app on the market with its beautifully designed interface and wide range of functionalities. There are some extras that deserve a note: there are integrated maps like school ratings and crime maps, so if you are not familiar with a neighborhood, you will get an immediate overview.

Trulia Rent Apartments and Homes

Similarly to Zillow, Trulia has a rent focused app. The app is very similar to Trulia Real Estate and it is a perfect tool to find apartments for rent in the USA.

Redfin Real Estate

This app is amazingly detailed and has so many tools you wouldn’t believe you could moosh them all into one app! MLS listed current home searches, sync with your Redfin account, and see beautiful photo galleries of homes. Best of all – head into your favorite neighborhood and fire up this app and you’ll see all the home for sale around you!

HotPads Apartments & Rentals

Driving around? Want to check out what’s available? Then this app will try and help. It has a database of listings and will show you if anything is available nearby. Not 100% but can give you an idea. If every house is available on the block, maybe that’s not the block for you anyway. Real Estate, Homes has the most comprehensive list of homes available, which is surely the most important when looking for a new home. The app has other strengths, like an excellent user interface or searching by neighboring schools.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Seriously, can you afford it? It’s not an easy question. Let this app do the math for you. Don’t go to deep into something you just can’t get out off. This handy app will help you figure out your mortgage questions. See if that new dream home is within reach!

Safe Neighborhood

Listen up, do you have a lot of children? So you’ve found the perfect house for you and your family. Found the perfect school for your 2.5 kids and it’s close to work? Well guess what, there are a lot of pervs out there. Use this app to find them and make sure you aren’t moving into a neighborhood with a pervert clan. Keep your children safe. With this app you can check to see if there are any sex offenders in your neighborhood. Better safe and aware than sorry!