Your Android tablet is a powerful device for gaming, especially with a selection of titles that push mobile gaming technology to its limits. We’ve pulled a list of our favorite Android titles that are best on the big screen — download these to your tablet today.

World of Goo ($4.99)

The strangest construction material ever created is goo, and in World of Goo, players work to create structures using “goo balls” that make bridge gaps and create towers toward distant goals. Each level of the puzzler requires players to place goo balls that automatically create a lattice work between each ball, but you’ll have to carefully consider things like the weight and stability of the structure as you build, and try to use as little goo as possible.


Third-person shooter SHADOWGUN feels a lot like a console or PC game. Players right through multiple levels, taking cover behind walls to protect themselves and strategically firing at the right moments. With awesome graphics and some tense action, SHADOWGUN gives Android players the same kind of experience usually reserved for bigger games.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ($6.99)

If you’re a first-person shooter fanatic with a multiplayer itch, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is for you. The game packs online multiplayer that makes use of your Android tablet’s best tech, providing players with great graphics and intense action. There’s also a robust single-player campaign as well, to give you something to do when you don’t have an internet connection.

Waking Mars ($2.99)

You’re an astronaut on a mission to explore subterranean caves in Waking Mars, when you discover that the Red Planet hides life beneath its surface. The side-scrolling platformer isn’t about combat, but about unlocking the secrets of Mars and bringing life back to more and more places so you can continue to explore the game’s unraveling story.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery ($4.99)

A musically oriented adventure title with retro graphics and tons of style, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery tells a strange story about a surreal world in which players take on the role of a warrior on a mission to stop an ancient evil. Figuring out how to do that, though, requires paying attention to the world around you, interacting with weird characters, and using musical and visual cues to access the powers of sworcery.

Dead Space ($6.99)

Based on the console game series of the same name, Dead Space takes players into a deadly, monster-filled space station. The horror title brings the popular franchise to the tablet screen, requiring players to fight off a variety of creatures by slicing off their limbs with futuristic cutting and mining tools. Dead Space nails its horror atmosphere and delivers a console-quality scare-fest that’s gory and frightening.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($6.99)

On PC, Minecraft is a huge success story, a game about adventuring through a boxy, pixelated world, in which players mine for resources to build tools and buildings in order to survive monstrous creatures that roam around at night. On Android, Minecraft – Pocket Edition continually gets updated to be more and more like its counterpart, allowing players to band together online to build amazing structures in the game, or work to survive the deadly world.

Call of Duty: Strike Team ($6.99)

The best part about Call of Duty: Strike Team is that it manages to deliver the Call of Duty feel that’s made the franchise so popular on PC and consoles, but with a twist that gives mobile players something new. In Strike Team, you can fight through levels on the ground as in a typical first-person shooter, or take a more tactical approach and give orders from above in a strategy game-type format. Best of all, you can actively switch between both modes as you play.

Angry Birds Space Premium ($0.99)

Even better than the original Angry Birds is its interstellar follow-up, Angry Birds Space. The game maintains it’s predecessor’s core mechanics — you fling birds at buildings to knock them over, using a giant slingshot — but adds new elements like gravity wells, weightless deep-space levels, and other new changes to Angry Birds physics. The result is a great new take on an old favorite with plenty of fresh challenges.

The Room ($0.99)

Once you venture into The Room, there’s only one way out — using your wits. The game puts players into a series of rooms filled with strange objects, like puzzle boxes, tables, small knick-knacks and more. Discovering each object’s significance and its hidden secrets is the only way to unlock each room and move on to the next, while you’ll also discover the strange bits of The Room’s mysterious story.