Documents To Go Premium ($14.99)

If you’re looking for a full-fledged suite of office programs that let you create documents on the go, you’re going to want Documents ToGo. Everything from creating and editing word processing files to making and viewing PDFs is supported, making it possible to work from your Android device even when you’re out in world or traveling.

SwiftKey Keyboard ($3.99)

Swap out your standard Android keyboard for the high-speed alternative that is SwiftKey. The keyboard allows for both the standard and split configuration for thumb typing, and SwiftKey includes a powerful predictive text tech that figures out what word you’re typing next and helps you pick up serious speed. Swiftkey Keyboard delivers a smart typing experience that has been critically acclaimed in many high-profile tech reviews. It’s optimized for typing with either one or two hands and learns your style of writing and any new words you use. As you use it, the predictive word choices it shows you get better and better.

PicSay Pro – Photo Editor ($3.99)

PicSay goes beyond your usual photo editing apps. It does all the standard stuff, like allowing for easy cropping, removing red eye, sharpening or blurring images and more, but also includes a lot of fun editing features as well. You can also distort your images, add text and word balloons, and even make color splashes by turning all but one part of a photo black and whitgives you a more fun version of your usual photo editor.

Titanium Backup Pro ($5.99)

For users with rooted devices, Titanium Backup is a must-have. The app lets you backup just about everything on your device, from apps to contacts and even settings, and makes it easy to restore your Android device if you should ever need to (or if you swap out for a new phone). The app supports multiple profiles, so more than one person can use it to save their information, and allows for syncing to services such as Dropbox or Google Drive for cloud storage of your backups.

Tasker ($2.99)

One of the coolest things about Android devices is the ability to customize them, and Tasker lets you make your Android do all kinds of cool custom things. You can program your device to do tasks automatically, like sending messages or updating schedules, and tune it to adapt to you – for example, starting music playback when you plug in headphones. Tasker requires a little bit of technical knowledge and willingness to experiment, but can make your device do some very cool things.

Pocket Casts ($3.99)

Podcast manager Pocket Casts brings all re podcasts you could ever want to our Android device in one place. The app automatically fetches the latest episodes of the casts you listen to, and makes it easy to find new ones. Then, it provides tons of useful controls so you can navigate to episodes you haven’t heard or skip around in one you’re listening to, or change the playback speed of a podcast to slow it down or speed it up. The app also is smart about downloading, letting you choose what to download and when, and resuming your downloads when your network connection is less than reliable.

Root Explorer ($3.99)

For users of rooted Android device, Root Explorer can be a highly useful app. It lets you access the file directories of everything on your device, giving you full control of all the data on your smartphone. You can link Root Explorer to accounts like Dropbox and Google Drive in order to move files back and forth to your phone, and the app includes a text editor and the ability to create and extract compressed files so you can use your device as a means of storing, trading and transporting your documents and information.

TuneIn Radio Pro ($3.99)

Access radio stations from across the globe using TuneIn Radio, a streaming app that includes more than 100,000 radio stations in its repertoire. You can listen to just about anything, from talk and sports to news and music, and tune in to stations that are located across the country or across the continent (and even on other continents).

Photoshop Touch for phone ($4.99)

It’s not quite as robust as the version of Adobe Photoshop that users can get on their PCs, but Photoshop Touch is still a very impressive photo editing app. The interface has been specifically tuned to make it easy to alter photos using touch controls, and Photoshop Touch lets you do all the most useful things, like cropping, adjusting exposure and editing in layers.

Camera Awesome ($2.99)

Get the most out of your Android with Camera Awesome, an app that brings lots of extra capabilities to your standard camera. The app packs things like facial recognition, guides for composition, the ability to adjust your exposure, timers and other modes, and editing tools for after you’ve got the shot but you want to make your photo better. You can also quickly and easily share your images from within the app.

LogMeIn Ignition ($29.99)

Need to access your computers remotely? LogMeIn Ignition gets it done. You’ll need to create an account on their website and install the host application on your Mac and PC computers, then download the app to your Android. All of this is easy to do, which can’t be said of many other remote access solutions, and you’ll be amazed at your ability to work on your PCs from your phone. You can even pinch-zoom around your remote desktops for easy control. An added benefit is the ability to give trusted friends and family access to your LogMeIn account to download the host app to their PCs. That way, you can “take control” remotely to troubleshoot their computer problems.

Root Explorer (File Manager) ($3.99)

An Android phone is much like a mobile computer, except for the ability to explore every aspect of the file system. Enter Root Explorer. This app is the ultimate file management utility for Android. It provides the ability to browse every folder on your phone, including data, which is often restricted from many file management tools. You can search for specific files, create and fill .ZIP files, browse multimedia in thumbnail views, edit text files, execute scripts, and much more. Be warned: With great power comes great responsibility. You could easily brick your phone if you don’t know what you are doing.

Beautiful Widgets (approx $2.59)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you have to behold your Android several times a day, so you’ll want to make it look as good as it can. Beautiful Widgets is appropriately named. It offers a set of continually updating skins that customize the look, and a little of the feel, of your phone. You can set gorgeous animated weather, clock, and battery-life animations. Or, pick one-touch buttons that let you toggle things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, airplane mode, silent, vibrate and GPS on and off. For just under $3.00, you’ll also be receiving an app which features a constant stream of widget updates.

PicSay Pro PhotoEditor ($3.99)

Read the rave reviews and you’ll know that this app is one of the easiest and effective photo editors available for Android phones and tablets. Just as with a more expensive PC-based tool, you can sharpen images, remove red eye, crop and straighten, overlay other photos, add color, insert word balloons and text, apply effects, paste in stickers, and a lot more.

Support for the Motorola Xoom and other Honeycomb-based tablets is included in the latest release, letting you edit photos on a bigger screen.

Titanium Backup Pro ($6.58)

You will need the free version of Titanium Backup installed first, but once you do, paying for the full version unleashes all kinds of power over your Android device. This is a fully-featured app that lets you backup all your apps and Market links and uninstall ‘bloatware’ apps that clog up your device. It’s an essential tool for technically-minded Android users who have already ‘rooted’ their phones to give them unprecedented access to the system files within.

DocumentsToGo Full Version Key ($14.95)

Rather like Titanium Backup Pro, make sure you install the free version of Documents to Go 3.0 Main first, then purchase this ‘key’ to unlock the power of the full version. Documents to Go allows you access to lots of Microsoft Office docs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, not only for viewing, but also for editing, so that’s why purchasing the full version is recommended for power users. It’s expensive, but essential for mobile workers who need access to documents from everywhere.

WeatherBug Elite ($2.99)

For fans of weather apps and budding meteorologists alike, Weatherbug Elite is a nice upgrade to its free counterpart. It’s a very thorough app and 100 percent ad-free offering enhanced maps, alerts, an additional home screen widget and the ability to track unlimited locations. This is all on top of what the regular version offers like live, local weather, 7-day forecasts and access to weather cams. WeatherBug Elite sure is likely to be a better option than the simple widget or app that comes pre-installed on your Android device.

TweetCaster Pro ($4.99)

The free version of TweetCaster for Twitter offers all the functionality of the paid version but you’ll have to deal with ads. This ad-free version is worth spending a few bucks on because you get a really nice Twitter client with a great look and feel. It’s fast, organizes the social network in a simple and efficient way, lets you use multiple accounts, plus you can post status updates to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. If you’re a tablet owner, you’ll find the app has been well optimized for Honeycomb devices to take advantage of the extra screen real estate offered.

Dropbox (free, subscription-based)

OK, we appreciate that Dropbox is initially free, but if you want more storage space, you’re going to need to pay for a monthly subscription. Dropbox bridges all your machines – your home computer, work computer, tablets, Internet café terminals, and your Android phone – with web-based storage. For free, you get 2GB of storage, but you can upgrade to 50GB for $9.99 a month ($99 a year), or 100GB for $19.99 a month ($199 a year). At these storage levels you can move multimedia like music, pictures, or video around. Or, you can back up significant data to the web and swap it around at will among your computers and gadgets.

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