Numerous music apps for Android are available in Play Store, with some of them claiming to give you free music downloading option. Be careful with these apps, always check the number of downloads and the rating. A music downloader with 2 star or even less rating is probably simply a fake app with many ads and nothing to really offer. Keep in mind that music is protected by copyright law, so music listening is usually not free – you either pay with subscription or music listening is supported by ads. Music streaming is also becoming more and more expensive: the streaming music rates for 2016 were between 17-22 cents per 100 plays depending on the platform.

Music downloader – is there a free legal option?

It might be disappointing, but no free, legal and popular music downloader exists in Google Play Store. If you search the term “music downloader” on Play Store, all apps are poorly rated as they do not (cannot legally) offer what they state they will.


As you see, Songflip is the only app with 4+ stars, and it is not a music downloader. As all the apps listed below, it offers music streaming for free, whereas subscription is required for offline listening.

Stream music for free or download music for subscription

Google Play Music

Google Play Music has more than 1 billion download for a reason. The free version is ad supported and practically provides a radio station based on your taste. The premium version is $9.99/month offering offline music listening opportunities. You can access more than 35,000,000 songs using this service in the US. However, many features -even the basic internet radio feature are turned off in some countries.



With more than 100,000,000 downloads, Deezer is one of the most popular music app in Play Store.  It is the perfect app for finding any song you can’t recall the name of. Also, it has a very efficient similarity search function to help to find the music you will probably like. The track quality is also excellent. The free version offers unlimited music listening. For $9.99/month the songs can be synchronized with your phone so you can listen music in offline mode. A disadvantage is that in the free version the songs will not strictly follow your created playlist.



The app follows the usual business model: unlimited streaming is offered for free, whereas subscription is required for offline listening. The app has a great feature: anyone can upload its self created music which can be found and played by anyone else. It serves as a social network for emerging musicians and your songs can become viral. Many complaints state that even at fast internet connections the songs would stop playing for free users.


Spotify with its 4.5 star rating is the favorite music app for most users. As all apps, the free version is ad supported. Offline music listening is available upon subscription. Its user interface is clear and simple, however, occasionally freezes. Ready-made playlists are also offered for radio like listeners.


Music downloader for mp3 files you own


Still not satisfied? 4shared is a file sharing tool that can be used for music listening directly on your android device.