Best Houston Android Apps

Feb 24, 2011

I spent 6 months on the road in 2010 – and I’m going to try to make a list for each city I visited. In Houston I went to a shooting range and closed out the honky tonk with the friend I visited there.

KHOU 11 News Houston

good free Houston local news, weather, traffic and sports app. It’s good to have my favorite Houston station with me on the go. Force closes a little too often, but so much content so it’s worth it.


Houston Traffic

This free app has live traffic info and as advertised is faster than Google Maps. It also has traffic cams. This tool is absolutely invaluable in Houston and has saved me tons of time. Recommend.


Houston Photos

This free app has hundreds of very nice photos of Houston buildings, landscapes, and lifestyle. You can share the photos via SMS, gmail, FB, etc.


Houston Cigar Smoke Guide-A2.X

A guide to Houston cigar bars, smoke spots, and cigar-friendly places. Can be a fun way to meet other cigar people. It costs 99 cents though – not worth it unless you are really into cigars.


ZAGAT for Android

This app costs US$9.99 and has restaurant reviews for over 35 major cities in the US. It’s worth it – when I visited Houston I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find any vegetarian food – this guide made it easy to find places that were willing to accomodate me. Has GPS function and many ways of searching restaurants. Recommend.


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