Quiz for Harry Potter Spells

This quiz contains spells from the books, movies and video games, thus it is really challenging. Can be played in single player mode or against a friend.


Trivia for Harry Potter Spells

Another quiz on Harry Potter spells, although not that beautifully designed than the previous one. Still it is fun and not easy at all.


9 3/4 Amino for Harry Potter

It is the largest mobile social network for Harry Potter fans. It has a beautiful design, an active community and tons of interesting content.


Fanquiz for Harry Potter

If you want to test your knowledge beyond the spells, try to answer the more than 500 questions included in this app.


Potter Wand

This app emulates the feeling of a wand from the Harry Potter books/movies. You can choose which wand you want, and use the accelerometer in your phone to control it. Lets you have spell duels with your friends! Fun.


Wikia: Harry Potter

This app is written by fans to fans and contains┬áthousands of pages, photos and videos about Harry Potter – including spells. A must have app for a Harry Potter fan.